Making Progress

Increasing exercise definitely has helped with improving my metabolism. With my hypothyroid issues, I typically lose about a half pound a week when I’m solidly focused on eatinrg well. This month, so far, I have lost six pounds, which is an average of about a pound and a half a week.
I’m still searching for a good integrative doctor in my area to make sense of my hormones and thyroid symptoms, but I am certainly happy to begin to see progress.
Eating a clean vegan diet was not new to me on January 1st. I actually began this lifestyle in early December. Eating a plant-based whole-food diet is not difficult at all for me. The change that seems to have helped is exercise four to five days a week.
January 1 – 268
January 28 – 262

Still on Track

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m still on track. In fact, I began ¬†following a total whole-food, plant-based diet since December 1st. I am not exactly a vegan, but I do follow a vegan diet.

My surgery was successful in the middle of December and for the first time following a surgery I did not gain any weight. In fact, I’m back down to 265 today.

I am feeling great and staying the course.

When Will These New Starts End?

For the last year and a half I have been trying every type of diet under the sun. Before then, I ate mostly fruits and vegetables, but my weight stalled out start at 250, and I became impatient.
Now, a year and a half later, I ballooned up to 286 pounds from 250. At least before I stayed around the 250 mark.

From Atkins to Weight Watchers to everything else, I got way up there.
I pulled out my books from Dr. Furman and began following the Nutritarian diet when I can came back from vacation on Wednesday. Starting Thursday, yes Thanksgiving, I ate the Nutritarian style. Yesterday I continued and it was like I had come home.
Those two days my weight dropped from 286 pounds to 279 pounds.

I have a very weird system. My thyroid is completely out of sync with my body, but I refuse to take that medicine. My fluctuation, as you can see, is wide. I can gain 20 pounds in a week and lose almost all of it in three weeks if I stop the foolishness.
Hopefully I will continue to lose until I get back to the 250 pounds that I was prior to starting all of this irresponsible dieting a year and a half ago. Then, I will keep going.
Nevertheless, this way of eating is the way I am going to go back to and remain until I have lost all of my weight. This is the way to do it. This is the way to eat.

Starting to Move

I have been cleared to go back to the gym. To keep me focused, I have used my summer travel money to hire a personal trainer.¬†Worked out with her today! That was the longest half hour in the world! When will I begin liking this? Sigh. I’ve gotten so very weak!
But I will claim strength and endurance. I did ride the stationary bike for an hour afterward, though.
This is just the beginning.


Okay. I’m starting to get a little frustrated! My efforts were flawless this week.

Oh well. Maybe my body is preparing for a major shift.

A Slight Gain, but I’m Okay

It’s funny how our bodies are so unique to our own personal circumstances. I didn’t weigh in last week (although I did attend my WW meeting) because I went out with teacher friends the evening before. That outing cost me a little more than four pounds.

For most people, that would be a slight water-weight gain. For me, however, it was there to stay unless I worked hard to get rid of it.

Well, I did weigh in today and showed a gain of 1.4 pounds. Much better than four pounds, but I worked hard for every little ounce.

Next week should be a great week since I will not be trying to fix anything. There are no functions coming up, and I’m now off for the summer.

I am still focused and excited about my imminent transformation.

Still Going Strong

I saw my doctor today. She is very pleased. I wish I were making greater progress on the scale, but she told me to keep doing what I’m doing. Since I saw her last, I’ve lost an additional four pounds.

I’ll take it, I guess.

Goodness, I will feel as if I’m succeeding once I finally get below 250 on the doctor’s or on Weight Watcher’s scale. That’s my magic number.

In the mean time, I’ll be happy with my progress and continue to forge ahead.